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Destino Says...

Any boxing gym backed by fighting sensation Anthony Joshua is bound to be the real deal. BXR has all the skills of a legitimate fighting school: a huge gym area with ring in the middle; world-renowned ex-boxers as teachers; and industry leading physios that only pro-athletes would usually have access to.

They now have two locations – the original just off fashionable Chiltern Street in Marylebone and another in the heart of Canary Wharf offering personal training, group boxing, Versaclimbing (one of the best forms of cardio you can do) and Yoga and Pilates.  Decor wise, it’s slick – bare brick walls, a full scale ring, nightclub lit studios and some of the sleekest changing rooms we’ve seen. Dip your toe by trying one of their Sweat by BXR classes – located in their aforementioned nightclub-esque boxing bag studio, they’re dark enough to ensure you won’t feel on silly or on show while you’re practising your uppercuts and the music makes it feel more like a night out than an endurance. The endorphin high is unexpectedly great – 60 minutes of hooks, jabs and cardio felt like the equivalent of 10 years of anger management, making this one of the best stress-busting, arm-toning workouts in town.


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