Asha Chong

Central London


Destino Says...

Asha is a Five Element Acupuncturist, which works on the theory that the mind, body and spirit are made up of five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water – and that when all five are balanced, we are in good health, both physically and mentally.

Sessions with her start with a detailed discussion about how you’ve been feeling internally and externally and any symptoms you may be experiencing, so that she can establish where imbalances may lie. If you’d like to, go armed with a symptom diary, alongside any relevant health test results. As well as general wellbeing, her areas of expertise include allergy relief (see her eight weeks before the start of hay fever season and marvel at the change) and both male and female fertility. Her beautifully gentle manner means that this part feels like a glorious mix – partly medical, partly therapeutic, partly like talking to a caring friend, so that by the time she’s ready to treat you, you already feel like she’s known you forever.

Asha starts the treatment itself by feeling the pulse on your wrist, which to her highly trained fingertips are like messages from within telling her about your overall constitution. Where you have acupuncture depends on what needs treating, so will be different for everyone and also vary each time you go. Some needles are painless while others she asks if you can feel and indeed wants you to feel them to a point of slight discomfort. It’s not a relaxing experience but afterwards you feel centred, grounded and full of new-found knowledge.

Our session with her has been a treatment that we’ve thought about a lot since: Asha herself has such a wonderful disposition that it’s of little surprise her details are getting traded across town by those on the hunt for better health.


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