Amanda Lacey

West London


Destino Says...

Long before the creation of her renowned product range (more of that later), Amanda Lacey cemented her reputation as one of London’s leading facialists thanks to her classically trained, no nonsense approach. There are no high-tech gizmos or harsh peels, instead the emphasis is on traditionally proven techniques like double cleansing and impeccable massage using high-grade essential oils. As a result, a visit to see her brings with it the warm sense of security that your skin is in some of the industry’s most knowledgeable hands and the upshot for Lacey is that she remains the go-to for royals, editors, high society (and their offspring) looking for gentle yet thorough ways to nurture and heal their skin.

Facials take place in her flower-filled, candle-lit space tucked just off the King’s Road and the aforementioned product range (which is produced in the UK in tiny batches to ensure the strictest quality control and regularly sells out on Net-a-Porter and Violet Grey) forms the basis of each of her facials. While she tailors each one to the client, expect to begin with a double cleanse using her Cleansing Pomade – a beautiful balm that melts into skin and cries out to be applied using her much-emulated massage technique and is followed by a mix of gentle rose waters, masks (her Revealing Pink Mask regularly sells out worldwide), gentle extractions and wonderful oils with yet more lymph draining, skin boosting massage.


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