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Full disclosure: Absolute Studios is the reason why we’ve become just a little bit pilates obsessed over at Destino HQ. Why? Because they have a brilliant roster of well-trained instructors and an unwavering dedication to instilling the correct techniques that you sadly don’t get in many studios.  Which means as a client, you’re always in safe hands and ultimately end up being well versed in how to correctly perform each pilates move.

Having opened their first popular location in Parsons Green, Founder Luke Meeseman expanded to Kensal Rise in 2021. They offer group classes (there are ten beds in Parsons Green and eight in Kensal Rise), online classes and 1-2-1 training. Classes are taught at two levels: beginner and intermediate. The former being brilliant for those who haven’t done reformer consistently, or if you’re returning from injury/post-baby or of course, if you’re a true beginner. At your first session they do simple things to make sure you feel confident like talking you through how the beds work, as well as cueing you into all of the moves and when to breathe correctly to maximise each exercise. Intermediate classes involve more challenging moves and go at a slightly faster pace (but note that the same brilliant cueing of moves remains, a sign of well-trained instructors that we now mentally take note of whenever we try any other pilates studio).

All of the teachers offer a different approach, so it’s worth trying them all to find your personal favourites. If you’re looking to really challenge and change your body, then Anser always delivers. Renowned for his tough classes that sellout faster than any other – he makes small adjustments to ensure you’re performing each exercise perfectly. We also love Giada, who is the queen of cueing and breathing, which also means that you’re mentally engaging all of the right muscles to ensure an effective workout (you can also find her taking Absolute’s mat classes at nearby Jaego’s House).

Absolute Studios offer class packages as well as three tiers of membership with prices starting at £99.



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