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Expert Tips For Finding Your Signature Scent
Expert Tips For Finding Your Signature Scent
Signature scents are hard to find. Here Miller Harris' resident scent expert gives his top tips to finding "The One".
Think About Scent Like Any Other Style Choice

Choosing a perfume is just like selecting the clothes, hairstyle, make up and accessories you like. You might not be able to see scent but it sends signals about your personality. What do want to say about yourself through your fragrance?

Decide If You Want One Scent Or A Small “Fragrance Wardrobe"

Some people do like to try and define themselves with one choice but I’ve witnessed a lot of people become very agonised and stressed on this mission and waste a lot of time that could have been spent enjoying and actually wearing a few carefully chosen scents.

Few people are the same personality in every situation – would you wear the same outfit every single day? Or cook the same meal? Fragrance is one of life’s pleasures (and one of the easier ones to secure) so treat it as such – rather than the quest for the holy grail.

Never Shop For Fragrance With Friends

This may sound contentious but after twenty years of selling fragrance I have yet to experience a client who was actually helped by the advice (good or bad) from shopping buddies. Few people want their friends to smell (or look, for that matter) better than they do, although they’d never admit it.

Fragrance is very subjective, and YOU are the subject NOT THEM. Chances are you’ve chosen property, a car, a job, possibly a life partner using your instinct and judgment. After that, perfume will be a breeze, trust me!

Be Aware Of Any Smells You Hate

If the smell of rose reminds you of your evil grandmother who beat you as a child (a true story from a past client), chances are you’ll never want to smell it again, let alone wear it yourself.

Decide When You'll Wear It

Including the time/place/occasion. Then think whether you want to blaze a trail or wear something more subtle and understated? Consider if you’d like to change scent from season to season? Say lighter and fresher in the summer and deeper and warmer in the winter…or the other way around? THERE ARE NO RULES: if it works on your skin and you feel fabulous in it – WEAR IT!

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