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Sun Nail Lamp

UV Led Nail Lamp


Size: 54W UV LED Lamp

All lamps are not created equal - some use UV light, some are just LED and some use a mix of both - and all of these come in a variety of strengths. The key facts to note? LED lights are faster (30-60 seconds per coat compared to UV lamps that take a minimum of 3 minutes to cure each layer), plus LEDs have bulbs that never need changing and emit a mix of light (which still includes some UV but at a much lower, less damaging level). Most of the new lamps you'll find online are therefore billed as UV LED lights, ensuring they work super quickly and on all types of gel polish. We opted for this lamp as it was highly recommended and it's great.

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Select desired time setting and place hands or feet under the lamp.

Suitable for drying most LED/UV nail gel, UV builder gel, UV extended glue, UV sculpture gel, cat eye glue but can't dry the regular nail polish


  • Quick drying
  • Four time settings
  • Automatic sensor
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