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Satin Heatless Curling Set


Size: 34 inches long with a 1.25 inch diameter

If your curler addiction is starting to ruin your hair (heat is the number one source of damage), then say hello to this ingenious way of creating perfect curls. Based on the viral dressing-gown cord hack, you weave it through just washed and air-dried hair and forget about it. We find even 30-45 minutes creates long-lasting waves or you can opt to leave it in for hours or even overnight too.

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Place in a u-shape over the top of your hair and curl strands away from your face (as you would with a curling iron). Secure the ends with the satin scunchies provided and leave in for between 30 minutes - overnight depending on hair type and how long you'd like the curls to last. An hour will give you a day's worth of curls and longer should mean they last until the next wash.

100% Satin


  • Easy, heatless curls
  • Prevents breakage, reduces frizz