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Rae Morris

Personal 8 Brush Set and Plate


Size: Set of eight brushes and one magnetic plate

Australian make-up artist Rae Morris has channelled decades of experience painting some of the world’s most famous faces into her ultra luxe line of brushes, with each brush handcrafted by Japanese artisans to the highest imaginable standard.

We love her magnetic storage system, where every brush can snap onto a clever metal plate: an eye-catchingly elegant (and very convenient) way of keeping your collection tidy.

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- The fluffy '1 Deluxe Kabuki' brush applies powder, cream bronzers, blushers and contour

- The '7 Deluxe Point Shader' is perfectly designed for both blending and finer details

- The '8.5 Creme Shadow Shader' is particularly suited for liquid or cream-based smoky eyes

- The magnetised '9.1 Pencil Point Shader' is ultra fine and ideal for precise detailing

- The magnetised '14 Perfect Eyeliner' was developed for fine wings and flicks, as well as pin-point concealing

- The '16 Brow Definer' has a fine, angled tip to create natural-looking, precise hair strokes and can also be used for brow powder and winged eyeliner

- The '19 Lip Brush' has magnetised PBT hair fibrs with a squared tip for painting sharp outer lines and concealing small blemishes

- The '23 Liquid Foundation' brush has micro-crystal and PBT fibres to seamlessly blend liquid and cream formulas

- Crafted from steel, the magnetised 'Rae Plate' will look elegant on your top shelf

Handles: Maple and cherry wood
Fibres: vegan micro-crystal and PBT fibres


  • Exhibits world-class craftsmanship, each brush is handmade
  • Chic and easy to use storage system
  • Reflects Rae’s decades of working as a celebrity make-up artist