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Real Techniques

Artists Essentials Brush Set


Size: 5 brushes

Real Techniques was conceived by make-up artists and YouTube sensations Nic and Sam Chapman, who wanted to deliver professional quality tools at an accessible price point. And we can confirm that they certainly do hold up to these lofty claims: soft, versatile and easy to use, they get as much use in our routines as their pricier counterparts.

This Artist Essentials set has everything you need to seamlessly create a full face - including foundation, blush, contour, eyeliner and lipstick - and, with proper care, these brushes will last you for years to come.

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Set includes the following brushes: (1) RT 217 that precisely applies liquid or cream foundation and contour make-up. (1) RT 421 that blends cream highlighter or blush. (1) RT 420 that softly glides powder contour make-up or highlighter. (1) RT 317 to apply and smudge liquid or cream eyeliner. (1) RT 425 to apply and blend cream lipsticks and liners.

Synthetic fibres, aluminium ferrules


  • Five brushes that can accomplish a multitude of purposes in your routine
  • Great price point
  • Can be used with liquid, powder and cream formulations