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TheraFace Pro


Size: 1 device

There are a plethora of beauty devices out there and it can be more than a little confusing to know which one to buy - plus, they tend to cost a pretty penny, so it’s not a decision to take lightly. Which is what makes the TheraFace Pro, from the makers of the Theragun, so brilliant. It combines a whole host of treatments, from LED to percussive therapy and microcurrent, in one handy, compact device - so you no longer need to choose which device to plump for.

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Each facial health therapy can be used for a maximum of 8 minutes, with the exception of percussive therapy. The device will beep 3 times to indicate that the maximum time has been reached.

The device will beep once after 15 seconds of use (any facial therapy other than the percussive attachments) indicating you should move the device to a new area of the face. The device will beep twice to indicate if the ring or attachment is not fully attached or has been accidentally removed.

The middle ring button on the device controls the intensity settings on the Microcurrent attachment, LED light therapy ring, and Hot and Cold Rings (sold separately). The top button controls the speed of the Percussive Attachments and Cleansing Ring.

The Blue light setting on the LED light therapy ring should not be used with any percussive attachments to prevent the spread of acne.

The Microcurrent attachment should always be used with a conductive gel, which comes included with the TheraFace PRO device.

The Cleansing Ring can be used with any cleanser of choice other than those with microbeads or gritty exfoliants.

TheraFace PRO device
3 percussive attachments (Cone, Micro-Point, Flat)
Microcurrent Ring
LED Light Therapy Ring (Red, Blue, & Infrared Light)
Cleansing Ring
TheraOne Conductive Gel (50 mL)
Soft Carrying Bag
USB-A to USB-C charging cable


  • Combines a number of skincare treatments in one device
  • Different treatments can be customised to achieve your desired effect
  • Compact format makes it great for travel
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