Glow Bar

Central London


Destino Says...

“This is very LA”, said one of our insiders and after a quick glance around Glow Bar, you’ll know what she means. Cotton candy pink walls offer a pretty backdrop to the shop and cafe area and brands for sale have all been chosen by founder Sasha for their wellbeing, stress-busting properties (the idea for Glow Bar came once she’d reached burn out at work).

Downstairs are the four private infrared sauna pods – some suitable for just one person, some for two (caveat, while ¬†we sort of get the whole “sweat with a friend vibe”, we actually recommend going solo so that you can fully switch off) and sessions last for 45 minutes. While this sounds like a long time, infrared saunas heat up slowly to boost circulation, fight off infection and stimulate collagen production. And the mood-boosting effect of spending time in the warm (particularly at the height of a UK winter) cannot be underestimated. Conveniently, they also give you robes, towels and toiletries so you can shower afterwards without lugging any gear with you.

Upstairs, adaptogens (healing herbs that lower cortisol levels) are the name of the game and you can mix your own elixir to take home or try some in their array of drinks. Lastly, there’s the shop itself, where you’ll find a really interesting edit of products, so definitely build in time for a browse if you can.


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